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Important Notice:

On July 15 in 2022, I accidentally dislocated my right shoulder and tore my rotator cuff. It was reset in the ER, and I had surgery done by an orthopedic surgeon in December and have been getting physio.

Unfortunately, the injury is not healing well, it's actually getting worse, and my doctor is about 99% positive I have also suffered nerve damage. I will be seeing a neurologist in March to test my nerve function, and deterrmine what treatment, if any, is available.

As luck would have it, this is my tuning arm. I was hoping to have full range of motion, and even attempted a few tunings, but it only made things worse. I cannot lift my arm any higher than my waist. I also have a smaller injury to two fingers on my left hand, so it isn't possible for me to do much of anything.

At this point, I don't know when or even if I will be able to tune again. I just turned 65, and I guess things just don't work as well as they did when I was younger.

I have tried in vain to groom several apprentices to one day take over the reigns of my business, but COVID, family obligations, and work pressures got in the way of that. There are no new tuners being trained in the manner that I was, as there are no longer any institutions in Canada where people can learn the craft.

I certainly wasn't ready to stop working but it seems the universe has other plans for me.

I am deeply heartbroken to announce this, as this is a job I absolutely love, and many of you have been with me for years if not decades. I have enjoyed every moment working with you. To those that are new, I am so very sorry I won't have the opportunity to meet you and service your cherished instruments.

I will provide any updates to my availability on this page.

Kindest regards,
Barb Hall
Certified Piano Technician

Piano Tuning, Regulation, Repair

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